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At Caggiano Orthodontics, we realize you have a choice when it comes to deciding on who your orthodontist is going to be. We hope it is readily apparent that we are committed to be the very best by truly incorporating the latest technologies with strong customer service. If you are unsure, we encourage you to compare Caggiano Orthodontics to any other orthodontist you may be considering. This will reassure you that we do everything we can to make sure that your expectations are exceeded and that each patient has an exceptional experience at our practice. 973-887-8780

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"My first appointment (initial consultation) was yesterday. The first time I had been to the office and met everyone. Great office! Pleasant, happy place. From meeting with the Treatment Specialist to meeting with the Doctor and the Office Manager the appointment was expedient, highly informative and comprehensive. I have to look no further for my orthodontic work. Looking forward to my next appointment, which has already been scheduled!"

Review Verified on 11/22/2013
"Great and friendly service!"

Review Verified on 11/20/2013
"So far, so good. Just started the process but we are very happy with Dr. Caggiano and his approach to our daughter's orthodontia."

Review Verified on 11/19/2013
"Dr. Caggiano showed me exactly what was wrong with my teeth and told me all the work that is needed"

Review Verified on 11/18/2013
"I love my orthodontist. He's always very nice, quick, and efficient. His assistants are all super nice and accommodating. They talk to you while you're waiting for Dr. Caggiano which shows an interest."

Review Verified on 11/13/2013
"The staff is great and nice."
"The office staff is extremely personable, positive, courteous and knowledgeable. Dr. Caggiano and staff seem warm and caring and my daughter is very comfortable going there. I feel like I can trust what they tell me. Do your homework, go to a couple of different orthodontists for consultations before you decide. You will find yourself going back to Caggiano Orthodontics."

Review Verified on 11/11/2013
"Staff is great and always taken in on time for appts! Terrific!"

Review Verified on 11/9/2013
"Everything was great! The staff is very friendly and everything is well organized. Thanks!"

Review Verified on 11/9/2013
"Everyone was very nice and I didn't feel any pain Michele was good I jus didn't like the big mirror in my mouth"

Review Verified on 11/9/2013
"Great service and fast. thanks"

Review Verified on 11/9/2013
"We have been visiting Dr. Caggiano's office for almost 2 years now for my daughter's braces. We have had a great experience since day 1, the staff is very organized, welcoming and they not only discuss my 13 year old daughter's treatment with me but directly with her and this makes her feel at ease. Dr. Caggiano also spends time with her each visit explaining what will happen next and areas she needs to improve. I have (and will continue) referred friends to Dr. Caggiano's office."

Review Verified on 11/8/2013
"I was in and out quick and easy"

Review Verified on 11/7/2013
"Dr. Caggiano and his staff are by far the friendliest group of professionals I have ever had to deal with. No one wants to hear their child needs orthodontic work, however they make the experience as pleasant as possible!"

Review Verified on 11/6/2013
"What a great experience yesterday. Your tech had Saige completely at ease (which is hard to do!). It took no time to get the spacers in and she was very informative and took the time to answer all of our questions. I can only hope that our future appointments go just as well. Thank You! :)"

Review Verified on 11/6/2013
"I like that I am in and out."

Review Verified on 11/6/2013
"I am going to get my braces on so I went for an x-ray. They explained everything I had to do really well ,and made feel comfortable about getting my braces on. They showed me pictures and models of teeth to help me visualize what I have to do,how to brush and how to floss. They also made me feel relaxed by talking to me. I will definitely enjoy going for my visits."

Review Verified on 11/5/2013
"It was quick and painless, although my teeth are sore this morning. I found out I may have only a little time left with my braces which made it even better!! Thanks for doing such a good job!"

Review Verified on 11/5/2013
"Always so nice and quick."

Review Verified on 10/30/2013
"The staff is warm and caring - they even called a few days after I got my Invisalign to make sure I was doing well. Dr. Caggiano is awesome! So precise and so up to date on the newest technologies. Right after I got my aligners I had a regular dentists office. I was dreading telling them I got orthodontic treatment from another practitioner. Instead of being offended my dentist was AMAZED at the treatments Dr. Caggiano's office is performing, and told me based on my treatment plan I was in "in good hands". My husband has also been treated by Dr. Caggiano and made me go because his experience has been totally positive. You know those medical offices where the receptionists are meanies on a power trip?? never happens here. everyone is pleasant, smiles at you, and seems to like their work and their job."

Review Verified on 10/30/2013
"My last appointment was right on time. The staff worked quickly so I can make it back to school in time to take a test. It went very smooth."

Review Verified on 10/30/2013
"staff is always happy and very nice. never have to wait for my appointment"

Review Verified on 10/29/2013
"Not only, did Dr. Caggiano do a great job, but he's a nice guy, loves football, and understands you. I've noticed a big difference in my mouth, and my teeth. Dr. Caggiano is a extremely good orthodontist, and I recommend him for all children, and teens!"

Review Verified on 10/24/2013
"both of my daughers, Maria & Kaitlyn are patients of Dr. Caggiano and his fine staff. They are all professional, friendly, and timely. There is rarely a long wait, even when the office is full of patients and the entire staff's demeanor and professional is wonderful. Dr. Caggiano is and excellent doctor; has a great relationship and friendless with all of his young patients. I HIGHLY recommend him. Kudos to Dr. Caggiano & his staff!"

Review Verified on 10/23/2013
"I never really thought about enjoying anything having to do with getting braces, but I thought wrong. From the minute I first arrived at my consultation, I felt really comfortable. Everyone is extremely nice and just have a really good attitude about everything. They explain everything to me really well, and always ask to make sure that I understand. Definitely a great place to go for orthodontic purposes."

Review Verified on 10/22/2013
"Very happy with staff and Dr. My son was little afraid at first but than they made him feel very comfortable. I like how the Dr. spoke to my son."

Review Verified on 10/18/2013
"I appreciate the efficiency of the office. It is nice to know that a 20 minute appointment will take 20 minutes!"

Review Verified on 10/17/2013
"A very good consultation. The consultation was free and the method of action was better than others we have had. They take Horizon which chopped a nice chunk off the total price."

Review Verified on 10/17/2013
"The office is incredible, very clean and the staff is a pleasure, very polite , informative and you feel very welcome."

Review Verified on 10/12/2013
"Everything went great at my appointment. It didn't hurt getting my braces on. The people at Dr.Caggiano's office are very nice."

Review Verified on 10/12/2013
"Every time I have an appointment, you guys make me smile! haha see what i did there (: Anyways, everyone in the office are always so nice and always make me feel comfortable. Also, the service is just absolutely fabulous! Thank you for everything, Dr. Caggiano"

Review Verified on 10/11/2013
"Dr Caggiano and his staff are awesome. They always make you feel welcome and part of the the family. I love going to the office because you are happily greeted from the first moment you walk in until you leave. it is always a pleasant experience!! Nessreen"

Review Verified on 10/10/2013
"How could I not love such a great appointment? I was taken right on time and told I didn't need to wear my retainer anymore :-D!! See you again in 6 months."

Review Verified on 10/8/2013
"My friend referred me to Caggiano Ortodontics and i am very glad I went with this choice. Dr Caggiano is very friendly and his staff are professional which made this process enjoyable. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and co workers who wish to get braces in the future. Thanks! Yimei"

Review Verified on 10/3/2013
"Dr. Caggiano is the best! He is nice and explains everything. All the people in the office are very friendly."

Review Verified on 10/2/2013
"Everyone in the office is always nice and pleasant. Marissa enjoys going to the orthodontist!"

Review Verified on 10/1/2013
"I didn't really know what to expect when I started going through everything that I need to have done to my teeth, but Dr. Caggiano and everyone that works in his office are really nice! They tell me what they are doing and always make me feel comfortable. Last week we were asked to wear our Jerseys if we had an appointment, there are always fun things going on there."

Review Verified on 9/30/2013
"Everything was great from the office stafff to Dr. Caggianos exam. Mattison is going into braces for Phase 2 not an easy pill to swallow considering her age and grade. She wanted to know if she could be a candidate for Invisalign as her older was. Dr. Caggiano explained to Mattison in a professional yet realabtable way that only a 13 year old could understand. He explained that for her orthodontic needs she would benefit from the (Cheaper) traditional braces with an option of clear verses metal braces. She was able to process and understand the benfits of doing it this way. Thank you. Meaghan Tatulli"

Review Verified on 9/26/2013
"Caggiano is he best destist in NJ. The staff is very nice and helpful. Christian is the best ????. I will refer everyone to this place.keep up the great job team."

Review Verified on 9/26/2013
"I didn't mind getting my braces on. Everyone is really nice to me and they make me laugh."

Review Verified on 9/25/2013
"We had mixup in our schedule. We were tuning almost a half hour late. The dr and staff kindly accommodated us by squeezing us in. It was very much appreciated."

Review Verified on 9/24/2013
Reviews 2563 - 2604 of 2764

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